e-Time Attendance System

Instead of relying on traditional paper timesheets to manually track of when your employees start and end their work days, our e-Time Attendance System allows you to manage your employees’ work time more efficiently anytime, anywhere.

This includes keeping track of your employees attendance records such as time in and time out, how many hours they work, their punctuality and their work schedules. The web-based time attendance system also allows employees to check their duty roster, their own timesheet along with the approved or system-generated overtime and allowances.

Paperless, fast and convenient, our e-Time Attendance also reduces administrative costs, automates and simplifies your business from time calculation to payroll entries.

Key features of our e-Time Attendance System are:

  • Real-time Attendance report for multiple work locations
  • Auto-calculation of overtime and work hour
  • Customizable attendance allowances such as attendance bonus, overtime meal allowance
  • Unlimited work shift pattern creation such as split shift
  • Support up to 24 hours Rotational Shifts
  • Predefined working calendar or duty roster
  • Fully compatible with all bio-metric and proximity card readers
  • Supervisor login to view and verify attendance anytime, anywhere
  • Comprehensive reports such as lateness, absenteeism, total work hours
  • Fully integrated with Payroll and Leave system



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