e-Travel Authorization System

Manual business travel requests can be a thing of the past with our e-Travel Authorization System. For local and international business travel processing, all your employees have to do is submit their travel requests online through the web-based travelling authorizing system.

A travel request email will be sent to notify the employees’ supervisors who can then approve either via email or the system. Subsequently it will be routed to the designated personnel for any advance payment.

Our e-Travel can also keep track of all employees’ travelling records, estimated travel expenses, and requested or advance travel cost amount. Employees can also check their current travel request status, approved advance amount and be notified on the approval status by the system.

Paperless, fast and convenient, our e-Travel also reduces administrative costs, automates and simplifies the process of creating, submitting and approving of business travel requests.

Key features of our e-Travel Authorization System:

  • Multi-level and cross-company travel request approval
  • Customizable fields and forms
  • Auto-sum of total estimated travel cost
  • Approval and notification via e-mails
  • Real-time request status
  • Attachment of supporting documents
  • Fully-integrated with Claim System

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