e-Claim System

Whether your employees need to claim mileage for business trips or expenses for business purchases, our e-Claim Management System can help them manage their claims easily.

Our web-based claims management system allows various out-of-pocket expenses such as cash advances, medical claims, currency exchange, travel management and hotel accommodation expenses to be processed online with scanned receipts as supporting documents.

Even during business trips, any expense incurred can be tracked and logged instantly on the e-Claim system. It is as simple as adding relevant remarks in the electronic claims form, save it and update it as and when expenses are incurred.

Our e-Claim process is streamlined to provide quick, transparent and standardized claims management to reduce the risk of employee misunderstandings and conflicts.

Key features of our e-Claim System are:

  • Easy setup and user-friendly design
  • Unlimited employee creation and access
  • Auto-calculation of claims entitlement and balance
  • Easy claims status checker
  • Multi-level and cross-company claim approval
  • Approval and notification via e-mails
  • User-definable fields for HR to customize claim items
  • Customizable reporting
  • Unlimited claim type creation
  • Claim amount capping
  • Auto-Prorate function
  • Support multiple claim items in one form
  • Integration with payroll and accounting system

e-Claim, claim reimbursement system



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